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Woolly Clothing Women'S Merino Pro-Knit Wool Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Mid Weight - Wicking Breathable Anti-Odor

Woolly Clothing Women'S Merino Pro-Knit Wool Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Mid Weight - Wicking Breathable Anti-Odor

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Product Description

  1. Soft As a Lamb

    Buttery Smooth Comfort

    Merino's softness is due to its smaller natural fibers that hold microscopic cortices of air, securing body heat and providing amazing comfort to the wearer. These fibers bend easily when in contact with the skin and have a smooth surface, eliminating the prickly sensation most wool has, leading to a supple and luxuriously soft feel.

  2. Wool That Works Hard

    Ultimate Performance

    Merino's natural wicking abilities are extraordinary, thanks to its unique fiber structure that absorbs tons of moisture vapor, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. As these fibers release absorbed into the air around the wearer, it prevents a buildup of sweat on the skin, ensuring a cool and refreshed wear.

  3. Naturally Odor Fighting

    Stink Free, Plastic Free

    Merino keeps you fresher for longer with natural fibers that don't retain odors like plastic synthetics do. By wicking away moisture, merino reduces the areas that create odor and make you stink. It also has other natural stink-fighting properties, further helping to erase unpleasant scents. Less breathable synthetics harbor sweat and odor.

  4. Naturally Temperature Regulating

    4-Season Comfort

    Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides warmth, without overheating the wearer. Merino wool effectively locks in your body heat when it's cold, thanks to its fine fibers. But it also keeps you cool in warmer weather by expelling extra heat and sweat - a true natural temperature regulator.

  1. From The PNW To You

    From Seattle, With Love

    We're a small business born and bred in Seattle. Operating Woolly as an independent business allows us to support causes right in our community. From how we sew our garments, handle our inventory, and invest our profits - we get the chance to make the world a little better, locally and beyond.

  2. We used to think plastic was recyclable

    91% Of Plastic Isn't Recycled

    Our addiction to plastic is everywhere, even in clothing, and it has serious environmental consequences. To keep plastic out of our oceans, ecosystems, and even our own bodies we must reduce the amount we use. Not to mention less breathable synthetics in clothing harbor sweat, bacteria, and odor.

    That's why we love Merino as a foundation fabric and develop innovative versitle products. You get all the performance of synthetics, without the plastic, and reduce the impact on our world.

  3. All-Season Versatility

    Why Merino Wool?

    Ask around. You'll find that nothing matches the comfort, performance, and versatility of merino. Merino wool outperforms when it comes to running, hiking, skiing, cycling - anything that makes you sweat. Plus merino looks and feels amazing at home, in that marathon meeting, or on your commute.

    The result of centuries of sustainable farming, merino sheep keep warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather thanks to their unique wool. And now ewe can too!

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